The investigative committee of the Russian Federation

The IC of Russia Warns of Liability for Holding Unauthorized Actions and Participation in Unapproved Events

In connection with the fact that the mass media, the Internet, and social networks are spreading calls to participate in mass riots and rallies associated with the tense foreign policy situation, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation warns of liability for illegal actions to organize and conduct unauthorized events.

Reacting to provocative calls, it is necessary to keep in mind the negative legal consequences of these actions in the form of liability up to criminal. We remind that calls for participation and direct participation in events that are not authorized in accordance with the established procedure entail serious legal consequences. The law provides for severe punishment for organizing mass riots, as well as for resisting law enforcement officers. According to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, people who committed such illegal acts may face imprisonment. It should be kept in mind that presence of a criminal record entails negative consequences and impacts the subsequent life.

All such offenses, as before, will receive an adequate legal evaluation, and the persons who committed illegal actions will face appropriate punishment.

24 February 2022 16:05

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