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Investigative Authorities of the IC of Russia Provide Assistance And Support to Arrived Residents of the LPR and DPR

Evacuation from one’s native land is not an easy burden, which is most difficult for the elderly and children. Concerns about being in danger, a minimal set of essentials and a tiring road, moving along which, in the hope of finding peace and tranquility, people leave their home farther and farther behind. It is hard to even imagine the difficulties faced by all those who had to experience this. Unfortunately, not only adult residents of the neighboring republics had to go through this, but also their children. Children are the most vulnerable group, and it is very difficult to find words to express all the emotions that they experience when they find themselves in such a situation.

Currently, all individuals who were forced to leave the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics are placed in temporary residence facilities on the territory of Rostov-on-Don and Rostov Oblast, as well as in other regions of the country. They are provided with comprehensive assistance, including medical and psychological support; they are provided with food, basic necessities. Children are provided with places in preschool institutions and the opportunity to organize the educational process. And, of course, the officers of the IC of Russia could not stay away from someone else’s woe.

The officers of the Investigative Department of the IC of Russia for Rostov Oblast held a meeting with underage citizens, their parents, as well as persons accompanying them, who arrived from the LPR and DPR to the territory of Rostov Oblast in connection with the ongoing hostilities. The main purpose of the meeting was to provide legal support, as well as informing people about the possibility of admission and training in educational institutions of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. The participants were informed about the admission rules of respective cadet corps, as well as the Moscow and St. Petersburg academies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, about the quotas provided for orphans and children left without parental care, as well as their subsequent employment. Issues that were not within the competence of the investigating authorities were recorded in writing by the IC officers in order to resolve them with the involvement of other government authorities. Decision-making on each issue raised during the meeting is under the control of the regional Investigative Department.

Kirill Eduardovich Levit, the head of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for Voronezh Oblast, called on the citizens and children, including those left without parental care, who arrived in Voronezh Oblast from the DPR. The IC officers expressed their readiness to provide maximum assistance and support in any matters.  Also, toys, objects for creativity and educational games were purchased at the expense of voluntary donations from the officers of the Investigative Department and donated to the children, who expected them so much. The most important thing is the care that children really need.

Officers of the ID of the IC of Russia for Kursk Oblast called on orphans who had arrived in the Klyukvinskaya boarding school. While observing all the necessary epidemiological safety measures, the officers talked and played with the children, supported them with cordial friendly words. It was especially valuable to hear words of gratitude from the children and to learn about their experiences, dreams and desires in an open conversation.

Officers of the regional units of the IC of Russia will provide assistance and support to those who arrived from the DPR and LPR in Belgorod Oblast, Ulyanovsk Oblast and other regions.

In addition, instructed by the Chairman of the IC of Russia, investigators are taking comprehensive measures to establish and procedurally record facts of the criminal actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the territory of Donbass in order to form an evidence base supported by the testimony of victims of the actions of Ukrainian military personnel.

26 February 2022 08:00

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