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Chairman of the IC of Russia Instructs Officials to Continue Collecting and Recording Evidence of Crimes of Ukrainian Nationalists Against Civilians

The Investigative Committee of Russia continues to establish the facts of the criminal activity of Ukrainian nationalists against the civilian population.

According to the information received in the Lugansk People’s Republic, nationalists are actively conducting subversive work operations the civilian population. Dressed in the uniform of the people’s militia of Lugansk, they shoot local residents who are not involved in the military conflict.

Ukrainian nationalists are coercing civilians into staying in the city of Mariupol, using them as human shields for fear of storming the city. In fact, the civilian population is taken hostage. Footage published in the media and social networks shows that the Ukrainian military is shooting at people who are trying to leave the city.

The actions of the Ukrainian military and nationalists to take the civilian population hostage, the use of offensive weapons against civilians, the senseless destruction of cities are the most serious violations of international law and are qualified as war crimes.

In addition, it is reliably known that the Western weapons that the Ukrainian security forces leave in Donbass are offensive – and not defensive – in nature. And they have also been used against civilians.

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia instructed the Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee to record, document and investigate such facts. All these data are necessary for the subsequent prosecution of the perpetrators.


28 February 2022 11:44

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