The IC of Russia Continues to Provide Assistance and Support to Arrived LPR and DPR Residents

Staff of the Central Office of the IC of Russia and its Main Investigative Department for Moscow and Moscow Oblast have visited citizens forced to leave the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. Having traversed many kilometers, the DPR and LPR residents can finally feel the help and support of people who are sincerely glad to see them and willing to share the fear inspired by thoughts about events unfolding in their native land and the pain of parting with the closest ones.

Upon arriving in Russia, residents of the neighboring republics were placed in the town of Podolsk, Moscow Oblast. The long-term housing facility was equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living of adults and children; the staff of the IC of Russia made sure of it. Comfortable living conditions are not the only important thing for those who have seen the tears and worries of their relatives caused by the impending danger. Nothing can replace the receiving party's human warmth and sense of partaking in the common misfortune, which, even if it has not actually touched each of us, can be clearly felt in the words and sincere emotions, painfully resonating with people's hearts. Officers of the IC of Russia do not just document and investigate the illegal actions of Ukrainian radicals, but also do their best to help and support the victims, especially women, children and the elderly, because it is most difficult for them to preserve and protect themselves from threats and dangers.
152 people stay in the long-term housing facility, which the officers of the department visited. Among them, there are 19 preschool children and 51 schoolchildren. Each of them survived the horrors of military strikes by Ukrainian nationalists; they felt fear for themselves and their relatives because of the incessant shelling.
Every child is defenseless and kind, loves their family and, like nobody else, appreciates the warmth of the hearth. Child trust and love are priceless, their fragile lives must be protected. For this purpose, an emergency evacuation from their native and beloved places has been arranged. Employees of the IC of Russia understand what all those who were forced to leave their native land in search of salvation went through. That is why the officers of the department could not stay away from other people's grief.
It is worth mentioning that women and children from the DPR and LPR faced the pain of loss and fear of the unknown day after day. Regretfully, for children born in 2014 and later, sounds of the air alarm have become an integral part of life. And now, for the first time in eight years, they do not have to nervously wait for the next bombing, getting ready to run for cover, constantly looking around so as not to lose sight of their mother.
In this hard time of the terrible epidemic, observing all the necessary measures of epidemiological safety, the officers talked with the children and their mothers, as well as with everyone else who needed support and care. First of all, the department staff inquired about the conditions of their accommodation and the needs for household items, listened to the people, and then made sure themselves that everyone had everything they needed.
A series of exciting games and entertainment activities with children brought special delight to all participants, which the department staff readily shared. Toys that the officers purchased at the expense of voluntary donations of the department's staff came in quite handy.
With the funds raised, the officers of the Russian IC purchased and handed over mobile phones so that everyone who had had no chance to take the essential things with them would not lose contact with their nearest and dearest remaining in the Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics. The officers gave the children interesting educational games, construction sets, creative items, toys, and treats. In addition, essential personal care items and medical supplies were handed over.
Also, the staff of the Investigative Committee of Russia talked with the administration of the municipal institution Children's and Youth Wellness Center “Mechta”. The institution director, Alexey Vladimirovich Beketov, assured the department representatives that comprehensive assistance was being provided to the citizens of the LPR and DPR. Educational process according to the school curriculum has been organized for schoolchildren. There are plans to open a kindergarten for the preschoolers.
The citizens of the Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics warmly welcomed the employees of the Investigative Committee of Russia, thanking them for their attention and assistance. They expressed hope for the speedy restoration of peace in their native land and return home, stressing that this hope lives thanks to the support provided to them.
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01 March 2022 07:30

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