Chairman of the Investigative Committee Ordered to Report on Reasons for Procedural Decision on Shop Incident That Led to Teenager Injury in Novosibirsk Oblast

The Investigative Department of the IC of Russia for Novosibirsk Oblast dropped an inquiry into the criminal case opened up over infliction of bodily injury on a teenager, 13, who was punched by a security officer at a Pyaterochka shop in October 2021, mass media reported. The criminal case was opened against a male, 53, into an offense under Paragraph c, Part 2, Article 112 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (intentional infliction of injury to health of average gravity, which is not hazardous to human life and which has not involved consequences referred to in Article 111 of the Criminal Code, but which has caused protracted injury to health or considerable stable loss of general capacity for work by less than one-third with respect to a minor). The investigative authorities already reported to the Chairman of the IC of Russia on interim inquiry findings.

Chairman of the Investigative Committee ordered V. B. Zaripov, Acting Head of the Investigative Department for Novosibirsk Oblast, to report on reasons for the procedural decision made.

Furthermore, Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin ordered the HR Department of the Central Office to launch an internal review of these circumstances.

Besides, Chairman of the IC of Russia ordered the Main Investigative Department to resume an inquiry into the criminal case and provide a prompt report.

09 March 2022 10:25

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