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Criminal Cases Have Been Initiated on the Facts of Attacks on Russian Embassies in European Countries

Upon the findings of the inspections, the Investigative Committee of Russia has initiated three criminal cases on the facts of attacks on Russian embassies in the Netherlands and Ireland, as well as on the Rossotrudnichestvo building in France. These actions form a corpus delicti under Part 2 of Article 360 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (attacks on the office premises or persons enjoying international protection, committed in order to complicate international relations).

On February 28, an attack was made on the building of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the city of the Hague. Several people threw fireworks at the building and damaged the vehicles of the Russian foreign institution.
On March 7, an unidentified person, using a truck as a crime weapon, deliberately ran over the gates of the Russian embassy in the city of Dublin, the Republic of Ireland.

On the same day, the Rossotrudnichestvo building in Paris was attacked. The attackers threw a Molotov cocktail, which hit the fence of the building, and a fire broke out.

The said actions created a threat to the security of employees of Russian institutions abroad, violated the normal order of their work, and caused property damage.

The investigation believes that in all these cases the attackers were reasonably aware of the fact that the buildings they were about to attack enjoyed international protection and immunities. In doing so, they pursued the goal of complicating international relations.

All the circumstances of the incidents are being established under the initiated criminal cases. The investigation will prepare the necessary requests for legal assistance to the competent authorities of foreign states.

10 March 2022 20:58

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