Chairman of the IC of Russia Instructs Officials to Investigate the Circumstances of the Sabotage at a Coking Plant Near Donetsk

The Chairman of the IC of Russia has instructed officials to investigate the circumstances of the destruction at the coking plant near Donetsk as a result of the actions of Ukrainian armed groups.

According to reports, Ukrainian nationalists deliberately sabotaged the Avdeevksky Coking Plant near Donetsk. It resulted in fire at the facility; toxic smoke spreads to the surrounding settlements. Also, the Ukrainian armed groups have blocked the access of emergency services to the site, which made it impossible to extinguish the fire. The current situation may threaten the life and health of the locals residing dozens of kilometers around.

The investigation intends to establish all the circumstances of the incident and give a legal assessment of the actions of Ukrainian nationalists involved in this.

14 March 2022 10:44

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