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Chairman of the IC of Russia Instructs Officials to Investigate the Calls of a Ukrainian Journalist to Kill Russians

A.I. Bastrykin, the Chairman of the IC of Russia, has instructed investigators to give a legal assessment of the statements made by Ukrainian journalist Fakhrudin Sharafmal.

On the air of one of the Ukrainian channels, TV presenter Fakhrudin Sharafmal quoted the words of Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi criminal. Following Eichmann’s example, he called for the killing of Russian children.

It is obvious that Fakhrudin Sharafmal is a typical representative of Ukrainian nationalism,  which permeates the authorities in this country, who have been destroying the civilian population of Donbass for eight years. And the fact that such statements are not suppressed in any way in Ukraine, but – on the contrary – are even encouraged, once again testifies to this.

The investigation will take the necessary measures under applicable law.

16 March 2022 14:56

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