Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Ordered to Report on Progress and Results in Investigation of Neglect of Duty That Led to Violation of People’s Housing Rights in Rostov-on-Don

In light of a new petition from residents of Rostov-on-Don about the unsafe condition of a residential building also known as the House of Actors, Chairman of the IC of Russia ordered A. G. Khuade, Head of the Investigative Department of the IC of Russia for Rostov Oblast, to report on the progress and results in investigation of the criminal case.

News reports claim that the building was recognized as dilapidated and subject to renovation, but the local government decided to resettle people from one temporary public housing to a different temporary public housing, although residents believe that they are entitled to permanent home with good conditions.

Earlier, Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin ordered the regional department to report on the situation. Following the probe, the Investigative Department of the IC of Russia for Rostov Oblast opened a criminal case into an offense under Part 1, Article 293 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (neglect of duty). The Director of City Center for Management of Special Local Housing faced charges. The investigation of the criminal case is monitored by the Central Office of the IC.

17 March 2022 10:23

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