A.I. Bastrykin Personally Congratulates the Staff of the St. Petersburg Cadet Corps on the 5th Anniversary

This year, the St. Petersburg Cadet Corps of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation celebrated its first milestone anniversary, 5 years since its foundation. Despite the challenging situation in the country, the Chairman of the IC of Russia personally congratulated the staff of the Cadet Corps and expressed words of support to the entire cadet community. After all, very active and caring guys study in the Cadet Corps, the future of our powerful independent country, the defenders of its interests and sovereignty.

At the beginning of the event, those present honored with a minute of silence the memory of Georgy Alexandrovich Dudorov, a graduate of the Alexander Nevsky Cadet Corps of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, who had been killed in action honorably fulfilling his military duty. Georgy Dudorov was the deputy commander of a reconnaissance company for military-political work at the 137th Regiment of the 106th Tula Guards Airborne Division. On March 6, 2022, a column of his company came under an artillery attack by Ukrainian nationalist detachments, as a result of which the young man’s life was tragically cut short. By decision of the Chairman of the IC of Russia, he was posthumously awarded the IC medal “Valor and Courage”. All the cadets noted that George would always be for them an example of nobility, courage and true valor.

In his address to the staff of the Cadet Corps, A.I. Bastrykin noted the importance of the cadet brotherhood and wished them to develop this very necessary for the country education area, thanks to which the ranks of officers of the Investigative Committee are being replenished with worthy personnel. He noted that the cadets and their faculty are doing social work,  they always come to the rescue, and in these challenging days, shoulder to shoulder, regardless of personal time, they help those most distressed: refugees from Donbass. Such solidarity was the result of the educational and patriotic work that the IC and the faculty carry out within the walls of all educational institutions of the IC of Russia. Wise and professional teachers become mentors and comrades for the cadets.

Honored guests joined the congratulations: Lieutenant General A.I. Efremov, the first Rector of the St. Petersburg Academy of the Russian Investigative Committee, E.V. Emelyanova, acting Rector of the St. Petersburg Academy of the Investigative Committee of Russia, E.Yu. Garanina, head of the Cadet Corps of the Girls’ Boarding School of the IC of Russia, M.D. Krasnopeeva, head of the Cultural Center of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

The event was also attended by representatives of respective departments of the city,  who had been providing support to the Cadet Corps and its staff for 5 years: O.N. Ergashev, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, A.N. Rzhanenkov, member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, E.N. Fidrikova, Chair of the Social Policy Committee of St. Petersburg, S.P. Timofeev, Deputy Chairman of the Education Committee of St. Petersburg, R.Sh. Nekhay, Director of the Central Naval Museum named after Emperor Peter the Great of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, A.P. Tarapon, director of the branch of the museum. All of them unanimously noted the significant contribution of the Investigative Committee to the moral and patriotic education of young people, to the development of a network of educational institutions and preserving the historical memory of the glorious past of the Fatherland.

In turn, A.I. Bastrykin awarded the guests with the IC awards and thanked them for the years of fruitful cooperation, which had really strengthened the Cadet Corps and expanded its capabilities and potential. Cadets and teachers of the Cadet Corps were also awarded with the IC awards.

A small concert was held with the participation of officers of the Cultural Center of the IC of Russia, students of the Girls’ Boarding School and the St. Petersburg Cadet Corps. The anthem of the Investigative Committee, as well as soldiers’ songs, were performed for the guests.





19 March 2022 18:29

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