Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Ordered to Report on Progress in Investigation of Disappearance of a 14-Year-Old Girl in Irkutsk Oblast

On Friday, 18 March, a girl, 14, of Irkutsk, went to school but never made it. Later that evening, video surveillance cameras filmed her in the downtown area, as she walked away from the Eternal Flame memorial to the monument on the Angara embankment. No one saw the child ever since.

The investigative authorities of the IC of Russia for Irkutsk Oblast opened a criminal case over disappearance into the offense specified by Part 1, Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Murder).

Chairman of the IC of Russia ordered A. V. Sitnikov, Head of the Investigative Department of the IC of Russia for Irkutsk Oblast, to submit a detailed report on the search and investigation of the criminal case.

The investigation is monitored by the Central Office of the IC.