Chairman of the IC of Russia Instructs to Document and Investigate Ukrainian Nationalists' Threats Against Kharkov Civilians

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has instructed the Main Investigative Department of the IC of Russia to document and investigate the instances of intimidation of Kharkov civilians by Ukrainian nationalists.

According to the National Center for Defense Management of the Russian Federation, members of Ukrainian nationalist battalions have created so-called light death squads, which forcibly seized vehicles of increased cross-country ability from the civilian population and move along the city streets, randomly firing heavy machine guns at residential buildings in order to intimidate the citizens. In addition, the nationalists are still hiding behind the civilian population, placing heavy military vehicles in residential areas.

A. I. Bastrykin has instructed the investigators to take exhaustive measures to identify all the persons involved in the crimes in order to subsequently hold them criminally liable.

31 March 2022 09:29

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