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Due to inhuman treatment with Russian army prisoners in Ukraine, a criminal case is launched.

The military investigative unit of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Podolskiy gornizon initiated a criminal case against persons unknown, engaged in the armed conflict  on the side of Ukraine into an offence under Part 1, Art.356 of the Criminal Code of the RF (prohibited means and methods of war).

It was established that non-ranked E (the personal data is not disclosed for legal reasons) from 2016 was undergoing the contract enlisted service on a position of a radio operator. By participating in a special military operation to protect the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic, he was responsible for providing communication between the units.

On March, 2, 2022 the non-ranked E, within a group of 4 soldiers accepted a fight, during which the bullets shoot-off his right hand finger, pierced the wrists, 2 bullets fell into the back, one of them went through the stomach, the other - over his shoulder, one of his army-buddies was killed, and the rest received numerous injuries. Being in such condition, E has been captured, where he was provided with the medical assistance. The Ukrainian soldiers, who arrived in the hospital, put on his head a bag and, despite the fact that he still needed a medical care after the surgery, transported him to the military unit, located in the Poltava city.

Contrary to the requirements of the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war, prohibited the barbarous treatment, tortures and  flagellation of prisoners of war, E. was repeatedly beat on his head with fists, a brick, a gun, he was threatened with murder, jerked for surgical tubes.

Within 29 days, which he spent in captivity, he was repeatedly interrogated by both: the military personnel and people in civilian, who wore the masks on their head. Everything that happened was video recorded or recorded on a mobile phone camera. If the answers were not satisfied with the interrogatives, they turned off the camera, and he was beaten again, they hold a gun to his head, forced him to learn the anthem of Ukraine.

On April 1, 2022, the exchange of prisoners took place, during which E. was transferred to the Russian command. Currently, he is treated in a medical institution.

Providing testimony, the non-ranked soldier explained that while being in captivity he heard that one of the Russian soldiers was cut the letter “Z” on his forehead, and has also added that the residents of Ukraine were tortured as well, those who were considered as traitors by the representatives of the Ukraine Security Service.

Currently the forensic examination is appointed to E., all required measures are taken due to establish the persons involved in committing a crime.

The preliminary investigation of this criminal case continues…

07 April 2022 17:01

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