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Chairman of IC of Russia Instructs to Investigate Circumstances of Use of Tochka-U Complex by Ukrainian Nationalists in LPR

The Chairman of the IC of Russia has instructed to document and establish the circumstances of the use of the Tochka-U missile by Ukrainian nationalists in the Lugansk People's Republic.

According to the available reports, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the village of Novoaidar in the LPR with a tactical missile system Tochka-U using highly destructive cluster munitions. As a result of these criminal actions, a 31-year-old woman died.

As part of the investigation, in cooperation with law enforcement authorities of the LPR and other emergency services, the Investigative Committee of Russia will document traces of the illegal actions, identify a particular unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine operating in the abovementioned area, as well as officials responsible for organizing this crime; then their actions will be evaluated from a legal standpoint.



11 April 2022 16:06

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