Chairman of the IC of Russia Instructs to Establish Circumstances of Seizure of Nursing Home in LPR by Ukrainian Nationalists

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia has instructed to document and establish the circumstances of the seizure of a nursing home in the Lugansk People's Republic by Ukrainian nationalists.

According to the available information, servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine used a nursing home in the LPR as a hold. Just like in other cases, they followed the already familiar tactics of using the civilian population, in this case the elderly, as a human shield. Machine gun and anti-tank firing posts were arranged in the building. Realizing that it would be impossible to hold the position, the nationalists began to retreat, shooting at the building and the people inside.

In accordance with the instructions of the Chairman of the IC of Russia, the investigators will establish the AFU unit that participated in hostilities in the nursing home area and officials who made a decision to use people as human shields and to open fire on them during the retreat.

12 April 2022 20:32

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