The Investigative Committee of Russia identifies the participants of the Ukrainian military group «The Georgian National Legion»

The Investigative Committee of Russia investigates the criminal case against «The Georgian National Legion» commander Mamuka Mamulashvilli in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 3 Art. 359 The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (recruitment of Mercenaries and armed conflict involvement).  Additionally, in connection to his calls for violence against the Russian soldiers published in social media internet Mamulashvilli’s is accused in accordance with paragraph «а», «b» Part 2 Art. 282 the Criminal Code of the RF (the incitement of hatred in relation to the military servicemen social group, committed in public, connected to the threat of violence, using its official position).

According to the Investigation, the resident of Georgia Mamuka Mamulashvili created the militant group on the territory of Ukraine, became its leader, and he involved in its activities and the activities of a number of other Ukrainian armed formations as mercenaries, 24 citizen of Georgia. To date, they take part in the military operation on the territory of Ukraine against the representatives of the DPR, LPR and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Presently, the investigation identified the 24 of the mercenary soldiers. They are the residents of Georgia Levan Fifiya (date of birth needs to be identified), Lasha Ruhaya (07.01.1990 date of birth); Levon Ayrapetyan 12.03.2000 date of birth; Vasil Alibegashvilli 23.09.1984 date of birth; Erkele Amiranshvilli (17.07.1991 date of birth); Veka Apresovi (01.01.1991date of birth); Elgudga Bagration 23.02.1973 date of birth; Vakhtang Barbadze 31.10.1978 date of birth; Georgiy Baramidze 21.03.1984 date of birth; Becka Basilaya 16.07.1988 date of birth; Zurab Bedoshvili 04.06.1985 date of birth; Gela Belashadze 15.08.1972 date of birth; Mikhail Bendeliani 19.06.1996 date of birth; Akaki Berianidze 17.07.1970 date of birth; Giya Beriashvili 15.05.1976 date of birth; Dem Bezhinkelashvilli 12.12.1993 date of birth; Nika Bluashvilli 12.02.1990 date of birth; Ratti Burduli 19.12.1994 date of birth; Gela Eradze 15.09.1991date of birth;  Tamaz Chikovani 14.12.1964 date of birth; Badri Chopliani 23.09.1976 date of birth; Ruslan Davitadze 03.06.1987 date of birth; Mikhail Demetrashvili 18.12.1976 date of birth; Shot Demetrashvili 04.01.1994 date of birth. Their actions contain the signs of a crime in accordance with Part 3 of Art. 359 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (the participation of mercenaries in the armed conflict).

During the investigation the other participants of the Georgian National Legion, as well as other units of mercenaries acting on the Ukrainian territory were also identified. The legal assessment will be given to their actions.

Грузинский легион