The criminal cases are launched against the desecration of monuments to Soviet soldiers

The MID of the Investigative Committee of Russia launched 5 criminal cases committed in accordance with paragraphs. «а», «b» Part. 2 Art. 243.4 the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation  (Destruction or damage to the  monuments perpetuating the memory of those killed in the defense of the Homeland).

According to investigation, on the 7t of April the vandals poured white paint to the monument established on the fraternal grave of military burial, perpetuating the memory of Soviet soldiers, in the Rahu park, Tapa city, the Republic of Estonia.

In addition, no later than April 7, the attackers poured the red paint and wrote down the anti-Russian abusive inscriptions on the monument to the Soviet soldier established on the territory of the military memorial site in the “Saint Georgy” Park of the Dobrich city in Republic of Bulgaria.

In Lithuania, there are three facts of desecration of monuments to Soviet soldiers-liberators. Thus, in Mariypol, on April 7, the monument to the Soviet soldiers who died when defending the Homeland and tis interests during the Great Patriotic War and the liberation of Europe from Nazism was damaged due to the split of the green paint and the dark-color liquid. Similarly, by pouring the red paint, no later than on April 10, a monument to Soviet soldiers in Sheta gorod of Kedainsky rayon was also desecrated. During this period a similar act of vandalism was done in Kurklay gorod of Anikschaysky rayon.

These actions are directed against the interests of Russia in the field of preserving the historical memory of the USSR activities during the Second World War and the decisive role in the victory over fascism.

A principled legal assessment will be given to the actions of law-breakers.