April 14 - the day of victims of Ukrainian aggression

April 14 - the sorrowful date, which is a reflection of the cruelty and hypocrisy of the Ukrainian junta in relation to the peaceful population of Donbas,  and the symbol of the resiliency of the will and the courage of those who stood-up for the protection of their native land.

Since 2014, it is exactly the date of the beginning of a frank terror and the genocide of people united by the desire for peaceful life, labor and development of their regions, the preservation of historical roots, native language and cultural traditions. Then the residents of Donbas faced the inhumanity of the Ukrainian Nazis - modern followers of the fascists encouraged by the Kiev regime, with their crimes, which they are creating at once flourishing Earth. It is eight years when peaceful people live under the incessant shelling of the Ukrainian security forces, in the economic and social blockade, fearing abductions and torture by the Nazis. Thousands of destinies are broken, houses, schools, hospitals are destroyed, the crimes of the Nazis took away hundreds of lives – lives of innocent women, children, and old people.

It is so sad that all these years neither the Ukrainian side, nor the Western world don’t hear or simply do not want to hear the plea on the help of the civilian population, closing their eyes on the ill-treatment of them and ignoring the violations of Ukraine of the previously reached cease-fire agreements. And only Russia, who has been trying to resolve the conflict for eight years, stood on the protection of the civilian population of Donbas, when it was simply exterminated by the Kiev authorities.

Since 2014, the investigative committee of Russia has documented hundreds of crimes of the Ukrainian security officers, launched the criminal cases against the representatives of the Kiev regime of various levels, a number of which are already prosecuted. From the very beginning of the terror in Donbas, the Russian Federation takes refugees who, due to the absence of humanitarian corridors, risking their lives, tried to get out of the focus of conflict. Here, on the Russian land, they found a peaceful sky over their heads, a warm hospitability and understanding of their grief. Many of them provided a real assistance to investigation, giving testimonies of crimes against the Ukrainian military.

Today, while the special military operation is still on, our work on the protection of Donbas continues. The army and volunteers of the region eradicate the Nazi regime in Ukraine staying shoulder to the shoulder with the Russian military. Their heroism and courage is the honorable memory of the ancestors and deserve the sincere respect.

On this day, we once again recall the innocent victims of the Ukrainian punitive regime and give tribute to those who fight for the right thing against the Nazis. Our duty is to remember about their feat and to convey it to the future generation.

We do believe that the peace will come back in Donbas!