Family with an injured child are evacuated from Mariupol with and the participation of the Investigative Committee of Russia

The officers of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation visited the family, the history of which has really touched the feelings of the whole country. Mother, Father, Grandmother and two sons of 8 and 12 years old tried to leave Mariupol, but their car has fallen under the shelling of nationalists. The 8-year-old boy Vitaly was severely wounded. Thanks to the media, the IC of Russia found out about this, and in compliance with the instructions provided by the Chairman of the IC A.I. Bastrykin, the Officials engaged in Educational Work Department, with the assistance of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation evacuated all the family to the region, where they felt finally safety.

The injured boy was immediately delivered to the Research Institute of Emergency Paediatric Surgery and Trauma (Clinic of Dr. Roshal), where he stayed with his Mom. His grandmother and 12-year-old brother Artem were placed in the Educational Center "Sozvezdiye", where they received all qualified psychological and rehabilitation assistance and the head of the family traveled to the Lipetsk oblast, where he was trying to get employed, with the help of the Russian side.

Of course, the whole family worried about Vitaly greatly, as his shoulder was seriously injured; meanwhile the original forecasts were disappointing. But the doctors of the DPR’s  Ministry of Health  Traumatology Center promptly made the most difficult surgery to the boy and saved his life. In Dr. Rosha’s clinic, the child passes through rehabilitation assistance, so that his arm develops fully in the future. The Emergency Paediatric's Surgery and Trauma Head named Valery Afanasyevich Mitisch noted that with the assistance of the Investigative Committee, the close cooperation was established with the medical professionals of Donbas, among which there were a lot of high-class professionals.

«We have been doing this work since 2014 and we are accepting children from DPR and LNR. And I want to say that in many cases we do not even have to perform difficult surgeries due to save the kids, since the local doctors have already provided the highly qualified assistance to them. But we take upon the tasks of rehabilitation of such children and successfully solve all the problems in cooperation with our Donbas collegues, "said V.A. Mitisch.

Vitaly and his mother welcomed hearty the Officers of the IC of Russia who paid a visit to them with the gifts. The boy is already operating his both hands quick enough. He told the officers about his dream to become a chef. And Vitaly misses her grandmother and brother who are awaiting for him after the hospital. The IS Officers personally delivered a warm video-hello from Vitaly to his beloved ones to the “Sozvezdiye” center. The older brother Artem and the Grandma also thanked the IC of Russia Officials, who answered all their questions.

All family members expressed deep appreciation to the Investigative Committee of Russia, whose officers responded to their trouble.

"If not the Investigative Committee, not the Russian military, we would simply not be alive now. We are happy that we managed to get out of the shelling, and now we are safe. Every day we suffered shelling, our apartment was destroyed. Many people were forced to stay in the basements" said Vitaly’s Grandma.

The most difficult squalls of life remained behind for this friendly family, although the grandmother still cannot hold back tears, remembering those horrors that they had to survive. But, fortunately, the photos on the phone are the only reminder of the past. The Investigators of the IC of Russia collect and document all information of the crimes committed by the Ukrainian nationalists for their further prosecution.

Now the IC of Russia Officers assist this family in obtaining the necessary documents, as they plan to stay in Russia. But of course their main desire is to reunite as soon as possible.