The investigative Committee of Russia will investigate the cases of civilian’s murder committed by the Ukrainian security soldiers in order to take the possession of their property

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia A.I. Bastrykin instructs his subordinated officials to investigate the facts of civilians murder committed by the Ukrainian security soldiers.

In accordance with the information taken from one of the messengers, and from Krymatorsk citizens, it became known about a series civilians murder, committed by the Ukrainian nationalists aimed to illegal seizure of their vehicles. On the way out from the city along the road H-20 in the direction of Slavyansk, the Ukrainian militants stopped and seized the vehicles of the civil persons, and if the car-owners tried to resist, the security soldiers of Ukraine shot them and their passengers and left them on the roads-side. It is known about 23 killed civilians.

The Head of the Committee instructed to document all facts, to ensure the evidence collection, to identify all victims and to establish all persons, who committed these murders.