The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Greeting on Victory Day

Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War and veterans of the Investigating Authorities! Dear Officers of the Investigative Committee and Departmental Educational Organizations, cadets and students!

May 9 is a sacred date in Russian history. In this holiday there is human pain and spiritual greatness, the bitterness of loss and the joy of meeting, tears of happiness and awe of hope. No matter how many years have passed since the Great Victory over fascism, we will never forget at what cost it was won. The heroism and courage of our people, its unity made it possible to withstand the destructive onslaught of the enemy and made it possible for future generations to live on an independent and free land.

In our country, there is not a single family that would not have been touched by the Great Patriotic War, not a single house in which the bright memory of relatives who did not return from the fields of bloodshed battles would not be kept. And today our common duty is to preserve the true patriotic meaning of this holiday, to remember and sacredly honor the triumphant feat of the great Soviet people.

77 years have passed since the day when the Nazi invaders suffered a crushing defeat after their try to encroach on our lands. These were difficult, but at the same time happy years, when destroyed cities were actually reconstructed, science and industry developed by leaps and bounds. All this is the achievement of free people of a strong and independent country.

Despite the fact that the decades pass by, the generations change, but the Great Victory remains a pillar of true national unity, military glory and honor, forever included in the heroic annals of Russia. The number of young searchers and volunteers, together with many of our cadets and students, is growing every day. This means that, looking to the future, young people carefully keep the sacred memory of the past, and the feat of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers remains a guide in a right cause.

The events of those tragic fiery years have been and still remain an inexhaustible source of moral strength for new achievements, for overcoming any obstacles and trials. Today, when neo-Nazis disregard universal moral norms and violated the rights of the Donetsk and the Luhansk People's Republics civilians, guaranteed in any civilized society, actually exterminating Russian-speaking people, we remember the feat of our glorious ancestors and, paying tribute to them, shoulder to shoulder defend our rightness, regardless to active opposition and threats. Our mental humanity and moral adherence to principles will never allow us to be afraid of difficulties in the fight against the enemy and in upholding the rights of people who have been suffering the artillery shelling and bombing for eight years.

From different parts of Europe today we receive shocking news about vandalism acts related to the destruction or damage of memorials of military glory that perpetuate the memory of those who died in the fight against fascism. However, these egregious acts of desecration of the historical memory of the activities of the USSR during the Second World War and the decisive role in the victory over fascism do not stay unnoticed and without the principled reaction of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. Every crime is carefully documented and investigated so that all persons, who committed this are being prosecuted.

Turning over the pages of the military chronicle, laying flowers at memorials, walking in the column of the Immortal Regiment with a St. George ribbon on the chest, proudly watching the annual parade of troops on the Red Square of our Capital, honoring veterans, we feel an unshakable connection with the generation of heroes, we strive to be worthy of their valor and honor. This solidarity is our national character and people's strength.

Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War and home front workers! You not only defended the country, but also revived it, by giving us a peaceful sky and confidence in the future. We recall with sincere gratitude to your unfading feat, when, without regarding to your own life, you stopped the Nazi troops against the Moscow walls and Leningrad, defeated the enemy in the Battle of Stalingrad, brought peace and freedom to the European people. We bow down before the courage of the partisans who fought against the Nazis in the occupied territory. We will never forget the feat of the home front workers - women, teenagers, and the elder people, who stood at the machines day and night to provide the front with weapons, food, and clothing. Your ideals of kindness, justice and love for the Motherland invariably inspire us to constructive work for the good of Russia. With all my heart I wish you to stay health and I wish you the longevity, let every day bring you a sense of peace, so that the attention and care of beloved ones remain for you as an inexhaustible source of strength and keep you in good spirits.

Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer of those, who forged the Great Victory for us. These are Alexander Yakovlevich Sukharev, and Vladimir Abramovich Etush, and Anatoly Borisovich Ladychuk ... However, their instructions are relevant up today, and the laid down by them principles, are the fundamental ones in the official activities of every Officer of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

Dear colleagues, comrades! Today, maybe more than ever, our society is united in the desire to see Russia as a strong, prosperous country! By joining our efforts, we will be able to give a worthy rebuff to any hostile intrigues against our Motherland!

Happy holiday to you! Happy Victory Day!

Chairman of the Investigative Committee
Of the Russian Federation

General of Justice of the Russian Federation
A.I. Bastrykin