Within the investigation, the Investigative Committee of Russia documents the information provided by the Ministry of Defense related to the Kyiv regime new crimes

The Investigative Committee of Russia will request the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to provide the data on Ukrainian security forces new crimes against civilians in relation to the civilian infrastructure use for military purposes.

According to reports, the militants of the territorial defense of Ukraine have equipped firing positions in residential buildings in Kharkov and Konstantinovka. For the same purposes, the Ukrainian nationalists also used the Lyceum and the Vocational Education Center in Kramatorsk while the residents of nearby houses were held in the premises. The ammo depots were deployed at the poultry factory in Kharkov Oblast, while the factory’s employee were held as hostage in the basement of one of the administrative buildings. A Tochka-U missile system and MLRS have been deployed at the granary in Seversk. the nationalists were continuously shelling populated localities of the Donetsk People’s Republic, provoking the Russian Armed Forces to return fire, so as to blame Russian troops for alleged indiscriminate strikes on civilian infrastructure.

In the Velikonovoselkovsky rayon of the DPR, the militants of the radical organization "Right Sector" (banned in the Russian Federation) openly call for genocide of the Russian-speaking persons and the Greek diaspora.

The mentioned above information will be documented by the investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee within the criminal investigation of the Kyiv regime crimes. The actions of all involved persons will be criminally and legally assessed.