The Russian Investigative Committee continues to establish the amount of damage from destruction in Mariupol

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation continues to investigate the crimes of the Kiyev nationalist regime against the civilian population of Donbas, including an expert assessment of the size and nature of the damage caused to the Mariupol city.

The Investigators and the Crime Scene Officers (forensic specialists) examined more than 2,400 objects of the city, including: schools; higher and vocational educational institutions; kindergartens and orphanages; hospitals and clinics; drama theatre; swimming pool; buildings of the Technical Information Bureau, the Prosecutor's Office, the Police, the city library, the culture centres and the children's creativity - centers, Orthodox churches and Mosques, as well as the apartment buildings.

Comprehensive forensic examinations have been appointed to assess the destruction caused to civilian infrastructure of the city. To date, the studies have been completed on 350 damaged and destroyed facilities, including social and cultural ones. Their cost has been estimated, it is more than 45 billion 900 million rubles. The work on assessing and estimating the damage in Mariupol continues, and it is obvious that the amount of damage, caused by the criminal actions of the Ukrainian forces, will increase in high degree.

In addition, similar work is carried out by the Russian investigation in other settlements of Donbass, that have suffered from the attacks of the Ukrainian armed groups. In each case, the size and nature of all infrastructural destruction will be established, including the damage caused to the communications networks.

The Investigative Committee continues its work aimed at documenting and investigating the crimes committed by Ukrainian formations against the civilian population of Donbas. Not a single crime based on the ideas of misanthropy will remain unnoticed and unpunished.