The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia instructs to report on a number of accidents at waterborne transport facilities

On July 10, a leisure-boat sank on the Volga River near the Arakchino settlement. All passengers were promptly rescued. Based on that, the Main Interregional Investigative Transportation Directorate of the IC of Russia launched a criminal case in accordance with Part 1.1 Article 263 of the Criminal Code of the RF (driving and operation offense of inland water-borne transport, causing major damage due to negligence). The Chairman of the IC of Russia instructed Mr. Mitin A.G., the acting Head of MIITD, to submit a report on the investigative actions carried out in relation to mentioned above accident. The investigation is a subject to the control of the Main Investigative Directorate of the IC.

The Head of the Committee also instructed Mr. Alexandrov A.A. -  the acting Head of the Eastern MIITD of the IC of Russia, to report on the progress of the accident, that occurred with the ship on the Lena River. On July 11, 2022, in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the motor ship Meteor-235 ran aground, performing a Lyampushka (Kobyaysky rayon) - Yakutsk charter voyage . There were 9 passengers and 6 crew members on board. As a result of the accident, 7 people were injured. The investigation is a subject to control in the Main Directorate of the Investigative Committee.

The Investigating Authorities of the Russian Investigative Committee remind of the need for strict compliance with safety requirements when people are on water, in connection with the increased cases of injuries while using a water transport facilities, including the provision of the transportation services to passengers.

When providing services on water transport, the main violations are: driving ships with the excess passenger capacity, lack of life jackets on board, operation of watercraft having technical malfunctions, the presence of mechanical damage, driving by persons in a state of intoxication, transfer of control to persons who do not have rights, illegal re-equipment of the ship, making changes to its design that decrease the safety.

Compliance with safety requirements by both citizens and persons providing services on water transport will avoid tragic consequences.

11 July 2022 14:30

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