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In the Republic of Tatarstan, a local resident is standing trial for a series of murders and rapes of girls and women

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Republic of Tatarstan finalized the investigation of the criminal case against a 50 year old resident of Kazan. He is charged with 13 crimes prescribed in Article 105 the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder), Part 3 Article 30, Article 105 the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (assault to murder), Part 3 Article 30 Article 131 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (assault with intent to rape), Article 132 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (sexual violence).

According to the investigators, between 2009 and 2017 the Accused committed a series of attacks on girls and women aged 17-35 years old in the Lake Glubokoe area, as well as in the Aviastroitelni rayon of the Kazan city. Three of the victims, including two teenagers aged 16 and 17 were murdered. Seven victims in total were assaulted by the offender.

Criminal investigations continued and were finalized successfully in 2021. Implementation of the latest forensic technologies available, allowed the investigation to establish the exact circumstances of the crimes. In the summer of 2009 a body of a 30 year old female was discovered in the Aviastroitelni rayon of Kazan City. The woman had all the signs of violent death including traumatic brain injuries as well as evidence of sexual assault. Back then the investigative activities and forensic analysis resulted in no success. However, years later the local crime investigators together with the staff of the Main Directorate for Forensic Science of the IC of Russia further examined physical evidence using the newest forensic technologies and methods such as the DNA analysis, that revealed the biological traces of a male. The genomic information found in the Federal Database fully matched the biological traces of the Kazan resident that had been obtained from him earlier by the police in relation to other crimes.

The offender was detained and later confessed in committed crimes. The investigators of the Tatarstan Investigative Committee continued further criminal proceedings and established a psychological contact with the detainee which resulted not only in a pretrial immunity agreement with the offender but also in his confession and detailed statements describing the circumstances of the crimes he committed that he provided to the investigators at the crime scenes.

The set of this criminal investigation involved a lot of hard work. More than a hundred various forensic tests were performed, more than a hundred witnesses were examined. Currently the investigators obtained enough evidence to draw up charges and submit the case to the court for examination on the merits.

12 July 2022 13:30

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