A verdict is adjudicated in a criminal case on a fire in Tyumen’s illegal assisted-care facility, where 7 people died

The evidence collected by the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia was recognized as sufficient for adjudicating a verdict to Ms. Olga Williamson. She was found guilty of committing crimes in accordance with Part 1,  Article 171, Part 3, Article 238, Part 3, Article 109, Article 168 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal enterprise; provision of services that do not meet safety requirements; infliction of death by negligence, destruction of another's property by negligence).

The investigation and the court established that Ms. Williamson organized an illegal assisted-care centre in her personal house. Since 2015, she has been running her illegal business in relation to the provision of services for the care assistance to the elderly and disabled persons. For 6 years, she has received an income of more than 8 million rubles. Meanwhile, as the investigation believes, the services provided did not meet the requirements of fire safety and sanitary and epidemiological safety.

In January 2021, a bathhouse caught fire, then the fire spread to a residential house, where the elderly people were living, including a neighboring bathhouse. As a result, 7 people died. According to the investigation, the reason of the mentioned fire was a breaching of the fire safety rules by Ms. Williamson's. Also, the defendant, fearing that her illegal business would become known, had hid the information about the presence of seven elderly people in the house from the firefighters and persons who offered assistance in evacuation.

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In accordance with a verdict, Ms. Williamson was sentenced to 6 years in prison to be served in a general regime penal colony.