Opening ceremony of photographic exhibition «The Russian Investigative Committee Today»

On July 25, 2022, Sokolniki Park hosted the grand opening of the traveling photo exhibition "The Investigative Committee of Russia Today", dedicated to the Day of the Investigative Officer of the Russian Federation.

The event was attended by Head of the department of educational work of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Hero of Russia, Mr. Sergey Vasilievich Petrov, Officers of the Main Investigative Directorate, Chairman of the Council for Patriotic Education of the public organization "Officers of Russia", Hero of Russia, Mr. A.N. Golovashkin, General Director of the All-Russian Public Organization for Assistance and Assistance to the Disabled and Persons in Need of Social Protection, "Union of Social Justice of Russia" Mr. E.V. Shakhov, Executive Director of the All-Russian Public Organization for Perpetuating the Memory "Outstanding Commanders and Naval Commanders of the Fatherland" Mr. A.I. Chikin, students of educational institutions of the Russian Investigative Committee, members of the Russian Guard, youth associations "UNARMIA", "United Russia».

The ribbon symbolic to the ceremony opening was cut by Mr. Sergey Vasilyevich Petrov. He recalled the audience about the history the preliminary investigation Body in Russia creation, and about its founder -  the Great reformer Tsar Peter I.

«The exhibition place was organized in Sokolniki Park not by any coinsedence, as you know many historical deeds of Peter I are associated with this place. The Investigative Committee has taken the torch from of the older generation of investigators and stands steadily over law and order protection in our country, fighting against criminal manifestations. At the moment, our comrades are performing their tasks not only on the territory of Russia, but also in Donbas and the Syrian Arab Republic, so the exposition of the exhibition is also dedicated to it,” said Mr. S.V. Petrov. He added that the profession of an investigator is very important and difficult. Only the most reliable and responsible people remain in it.  Mr.S.V. Petrov stressed that the leadership of the Russian Investigative Committee pays special attention to educational work of young people. “The responsibility of these young people to society is very important, and we must educate those people who will honestly, conscientiously fulfill their duties,” he said.

Then the awards ceremony took place. A number of honored guests of the event received departmental awards of the Investigative Committee.

The main alley of the park was overloaded with people, the large-scale construction of the photo exhibition has attracted a major interest among the audience. The stands contained more than 100 images made by investigators, forensic investigators, photographers of the Investigative Committee of Russia, including photojournalists of the international information agency "Russia Today". All photos are provided with a detailed description and comments. The faces on pictures depict the main moments of the work of officers of the Russian Investigative Committee, many expositions are devoted to tragic events too. People looked at the pictures with interest and shared their emotions. Some people noted that until that moment they had no idea how tough, time-consuming and dangerous the profession of an investigator is.

The honor guard company performed several constricted routes for the guests in the center of the park.

The enetertainment area for visitors was organized on the square in front of the fountain. The pavilions housed an the museum exhibits related to the activities of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Donbass and Syria. In addition, the vehicles fitted with forensic equipment are also located here. Officers of the Investigative Committee organized guided tour for the visitors and spoke about the equipment of the car, the use of forensic methods and techniques.

Special attention has been given to to children, who listened to stories about the everyday life of investigators and forensic experts with great interest. Young viewers were completely delighted when the officers of the Russian Investigative Committee gave them the chance to experience themselves as real forensic investigators, allowing them to try to take fingerprints (dactyloscopy technique).

At the end of the event, a varied programme of entertainment has awaited the guests. Musical congratulations to the officers of the Russian Investigative Committee were presented by children's and youth groups, as well as popular artists, such as Vladimir Levkin, Rodion Gazmanov, Alexander Buinov, leader of "Rondo" group Alexander Ivanov. The compositions "My Country", "Russian Waltz", "At the Nameless Height" and many other favorite songs were performed, so the audience sang along with the artists.

The exhibition will be available in Moscow for five days, then it will move to other cities of Russia, and the next point of destination will be the Kizlyar city located in the Republic of Dagestan.




25 July 2022 14:55

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