The former chairman of the City Duma of the Zheleznovodsk resort city, Stavropolskiy krai, stands his trial

The Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for North Caucasian Federal Okrug finalized the criminal investigation against Mr. Ararat Dovmalov. He is accused in crimes prescribed in Part 1 Article 173.1 (6 episodes), Part 3 Article 33, Part 2 Article 195.4, Part 3 Article 33, Part 5 Article 159 (14 episodes), Part 3 Article 33, Part 6 Article 159, Part 1 Article 176 (2 episodes), paragraph «b» Part 4 Article 174.1 (2 episodes), Article 196 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (incorporation (incorporation, corporate restructuring) of the legal entity through a figurehead, as well as submission to the body that carries out state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, data, which resulted in the entry of information about nominees into the unified state register of legal entities; fraud associated with deliberate non-fulfillment of contractual obligations in the field of entrepreneurial activity, including those committed on a large scale; receipt by the head of the organization of a loan by providing the bank with knowingly false information about the economic situation and financial condition of the organization, if this act caused large damage; the performance of financial transactions and other transactions with funds acquired by a person as a result of the commission of a crime by him in order to give a lawful form to the possession, use and disposal of these funds, committed on a large scale; intentional bankruptcy, that is, the commission of actions that knowingly entail the inability of a legal entity to fully satisfy the claims of creditors for monetary obligations and fulfill the obligation to pay mandatory payments, if these actions caused large damage).

The investigation established that between 2008 and 2016, Mr. Dovmalov, being the actual Chief Executive of the Kurortservis Company, organized the submission of false data about the Executives and shareholders of 6 commercial organizations to the tax authority, which resulted in the entry of information about nominee person. Between 2014-2016, he, holding the position of chairman of the city council in the Zheleznovodsk resort city, Stavropolskiy krai, by prior agreement with the Chief Executive of the above-mentioned Company, Mr. Arzumanyan, has stolen the property worth over 11 million rubles, belonging to other commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs, by failure to fulfill contractual obligations. In addition, in 2015, Mr. Dovmalov illegally received 2 loans for a total of 103.5 million rubles, having provided the Center-invest bank with deliberately false documents about the financial status of the company, without subsequently paying the loan and interest on loan contracts. The mentioned actions of the Company caused the material damage in the amount of more than 59 million rubles. The same year, Mr. Dovmalov made financial transactions using the fake contracts for the supply of goods for a total amount of more than 93.3 million rubles through the settlement accounts of fake Companies, thereby they seemed to be legally correct, so he could use and dispose the funds. In 2017, the Arbitration Court of Stavropol krai declared the "Kurortservice" Company bankrupt due to the impossibility of corporate recovery and to discharge the demand of the creditors in the amount of 328 million rubles.

Earlier, a pre-trial cooperation agreement was concluded with Mr. Arzumanyan, in connection with which the criminal case against him was separated into a separate proceeding and submitted to the court for consideration on the merits.

The investigation has collected a sufficient evidence base, so the criminal case against Mr. Dovmalov will be submitted to court for consideration on the merits in the nearest future.

25 July 2022 18:36

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