July 27 - Remembrance Day for Children - Victims of War in Donbas

Today, Russia, together with the people of Donbass, mourns and commemorate those who came to this world for a very short time - children who died during the war hostilities. They were killed by Ukrainian nationalists, ruthlessly and cynically, with the silent approval of Western countries. All these years, our enemies pretended that this tragedy did not exist, and that everything that was happening was just fiction and a provocation. And it's useless to demonstrate them the Alley of Angels in Donetsk; they just don't want to see it. After all, the puppet Kiev government, under their guidance, daily gave criminal, which were executed by the commanders of the Armed Formations of Ukraine. Since 2014, artillery has been shelling residential buildings in Donbas, kindergartens and schools, killing children. Shrapnel and shells killed those who went outside to play with friends or ran to the store for food stuff like bread to help their parents around the housework. It's flagrant, horrendous and inhuman.

There are many photographs of the children who was killed. They smile on them, they look at the world with naive notion. At this moment, they are sure that they will live happily ever after. The nationalists took away everything from them - the right to live, study, work, the right to love their loved ones.

But crimes will not go unpunished. The Investigative Committee of Russia has been investigating them since 2014, prosecuting the perpetrators. Today, specialized sub-divisions of the Body work in Donbas - these are highly-skilled investigators, forensic experts, experts who, within their competence, are trying to identify the scale of destruction and the number of casualties. Over the entire period of the investigation, more than 216 thousand people were interrogated; more than 91 thousand were recognized as victims, including more than 14 thousand juveniles.

In spite of all the opposition, we will continue tell the world about the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists. Intensive shelling of Donbas, strikes against civilians, children, which they justify in every possible way, sometimes even trying to blame the Russian Armed Forces for this. To remain silent about the above mentioned, means to be a part of it, means to be an identical criminal.

Today, millions of candles will be lit throughout Russia and in Donbas to commemorate the innocent victims of war, who will see this bright light from the sky - a symbol of hope for justice and the restoration of peace in their Land.


27 July 2022 08:00

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