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Former Deputy of Novorossiysk found guilty of attempted fraud on an especially large scale

Evidence collected by the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia was recognized as sufficient to adjudge a sentence against Mr. Mikhail Erokhin, a former Deputy of the City Duma of the VI-VII convocations, the Novorossiysk city, Krasnodarskiy krai. He was found guilty of committing a crime in accordance with Part 3, Article 30, Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (attempt to fraud on an especially large scale).

The investigation and the court established that Mr. Erokhin received funds and dummies of funds in the amount of more than 2 million rubles from the Deputy Head of the Administration of Novorossiysk, which acted under the supervision of law enforcement agencies. The funds were intended to be paid for not creating obstructions to conduct the electoral process and not creating provocative situations on the Single Voting Day - September 13, 2020. After receiving the money, Mr. Erokhin was detained. He was imposed pre-trial restrain as custody.

By a verdict, Mr. Erokhin was sentenced to imprisonment for three years and six months, to be served in a general regime penal colony.

08 August 2022 18:40

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