Trial on the criminal case of fraud in the sale of tickets to theaters begins

In the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow, court hearings began in a criminal case against Mr. Alexei Kurinov, Ms. Yulia Charykova and Ms. Yana Tagina, accused of committing crimes prescribed in Part 4, Article 159, Part 4, Article 180 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud, illegal use of means of identification of goods). This criminal case was investigated by the Main Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

According to the investigation, Mr. Andrey Khartanyuk, his mother - Ms. Irina Khartanyuk, Mr. Vitaly Gashakov, Mr. Alexei Kurinov, Ms. Yana Tagina and Ms. Yulia Charykova, acting as incorporated criminal group, created twin sites of the leading cultural institutions of the Russian Federation. Among them there were the sites of the Mariinsky, Bolshoi and Maly Theaters, the Theater of Nations, the Russian Academic Youth Theater (RAMT), the Conservatory. P.I. Tchaikovsky, Spasskaya Tower International Military Music Festival.

All the above cultural institutions suffered large-scale material damage in the total amount of more than 9 million rubles, by the illegal use of their trademarks.

Through the above-mentioned resources, the accomplices illegally sold tickets to events of cultural institutions using their trademarks and similar designations, at inflated prices, misleading ticket buyers about the sites belonging to these institutions, thereby stealing money from buyers.

The received funds were transferred to the settlement accounts of affilated companies registered with nominee Heads, and then withdrawn into cash and distributed among the members of the criminal group.

It was established that more than 150 people were involved in illegal activities. Among them there were IT specialists, call center employees, ticket sellers, couriers, programmers, advertising managers, and system administrators. For the purposes of conspiracy, foreign companies were the operators of domain names, and communication with ticket buyers was done by using Internet telephony. Tickets were sold through call centers located in Moscow and Vladimir. The work of fake web.sites which were used for illegal sale of tickets was was terminated.

In order to ensure compensation for the damage caused, the accused's real estate, vehicles and funds are confiscated. The victims filed civil lawsuits against the accused in the amount of more than 130 million rubles.

Mr. Kurinov was imposed a pre-trial restraint as custody, and Ms. Tagina and Charykova were imposed a written Restriction of Travel Order.

Mr. Andriy Khartanyuk and Ms. I. Khartanyuk were put on the international wanted list and arrested in absentia. A pre-trial cooperation agreement was concluded with Mr. Gashakov, the investigation of the criminal case against him is at the final stage.