Within the criminal investigation of crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalists, Investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia will identify the circumstances of the infliction of another strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Kherson oblast

According to available information, on August 22, 2022, members of the armed formations of Ukraine attacked the automobile and pedestrian bridge named Antonovsky in the suburbs of Kherson during the daytime using American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems. According to preliminary data, as a result of the shelling, 3 people were missing, 16 civilians were injured. Among them there were people who were going to the ferry crossing, and constructors who were working on the site. Passengers on the ferry, which were passing under the bridge at the time of the strike, were also among the injured. In addition, as a result of the criminal actions of the Kiev regime, the transport infrastructure of the region was destroyed. According to reports from public sources, the blows were corrected by the gunner.

The information received will be documented within the preliminary investigation, and the actions of all involved will be legally assessed.