In Samara oblast, a man with prior criminal convictions is found guilty of the murders of residents of the Tolyatti city, committed more than two decades ago

Evidence collected by the investigating authorities of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Samara Region was recognized by the court as sufficient to pass a sentence on the Togliatti city resident with prior criminal convictions. Mr.Oleg Rylkov was found guilty of committing crimes under paragraphs. "a", "h", "j" Part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder of two or more persons, forced with robbery, rape and violent acts of a sexual nature).

The investigation and the court established that between August 1993 and November 1994, on the territory of the Central District of the Tolyatti city, the convict committed the murder of several women, including one juvenile girl who was 15 years old at the time of the crime. The crimes were connected by the way they were committed - all the victims died from mechanical asphyxia.

So, in January 1994, in order to search for another victim, a convict came to the entrance of an apartment building located along Mira Street in the Tolyatti city, where he found that a front door was open and he went to one of the apartments. In order to commit a robbery attack, Mr. Rylkov entered the apartment, where he saw a woman previously unfamiliar to him, sleeping on the sofa in the living room. In order to deprive her of the possibility of resisting, he implemented his plan; the man found a clothesline in the kitchen, he cut harnesses out of it due to fix the arms and legs of the victim. But he failed to tie the woman, as she offered active resistance, because of that Mr. Rylkov, threatening with a knife, threw a piece of rope around the victim’s neck and struck her at least 10 punches and kicks in the area of ​​vital organs, as well as at least 3 stabbing in the neck area. After committing this crime, the convict stole money belonging to the deceased and left the apartment.

In the spring of the same year, Mr. Rylkov killed a local resident who prevented him from committing illict acts against an underage girl. The woman, seeing that an unfamiliar man was trying to start a dialogue with the child, turned to him with a question, which attracted the attention of other passers-by. After that, the convict entered her house, breaking the window with a stick, and inflicted several blows on her, knocking her down to the floor. The woman attempted to resist, but Mr. Rylkov squeezed her neck with the indicated above wooden stick, the victim died because of that.

In August 1993, in the evening, the convict, being very close to one of the residential buildings on Karl Marx Street in the Central District of the Tolyatti city, met a female local resident. In order to drink alcohol together, Mr. Rylkov and his new acquaintance proceeded to the Portposelok microdistrict to the banks of the Volga River. During a joint pastime, the man invited the woman to have sexual intercourse with him, to which the latter refused. In order to suppress resistance, the convict inflicted at least 9 blows to the victim in the area of ​​​​location of vital organs, but subsequently he refused to commit a crime against the sexual inviolability of the latter. Mr. Rylkov knocked the woman to the ground, after which he forcefully squeezed her neck with his foot, thereby blocking the access of oxygen. Convinced that the victim had died, he dragged her body into the river and fled the scene.

Within a criminal investigation, the investigators obtained the results of a complex of examinations, carried out a significant number of investigative actions, including verification of testimony on the spot with the participation of the accused, which helped to restore a reliable picture of what happened.

The court found Mr. Rylkov guilty of committing the mentioned above crimes, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Currently, the convict is already serving a sentence of life imprisonment in a correctional penal colony in Orenburg oblast for committing a number of especially serious crimes.