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The "Russia 24" TV channel will show a new documentary film about the investigation of high technologies crimes

On the run up of the Day of the Forensic Service formation at the Investigative Committee of Russia, the TV channel "Russia 24" will premiere the documentary film "Cybercrimes. Evil on the Net", produced by the National Film Fund "Patriot" LLC with the assistance of the Russian Investigative Committee.

The film is dedicated to the investigation of cybercrimes and high-tech crimes. Scientific and technological progress does not stand still, Internet has deep and firmly entered the life of every person, but digitalization has a downside. New technologies not only bring comfort to our lives, but are also a source of new problems for citizens who become victims of cynical scammers. It is not easy to prove their guilt, because the attackers leave almost no traces. But forensic experts and investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia can do it. To combat online criminals, the Investigative Committee has established a special directorate to investigate cybercrimes. Its Oficers constantly improve their professional skills.

To find out how such crimes are resolved, what tricks cybercriminals use, what role artificial intelligence plays in their illegal activities, how they identify potential victims, what a "digital footprint" is and how to avoid becoming a victim of cyber fraud, see the "Russia 24" TV channel. October 15 at 06:05 and at 19:05, October 16 at 07:05 (Moscow time).

14 October 2022 17:52

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