Criminal investigation against former Heads of Saratov Aviation Plant is finalized

The Main Investigative Directorate of the Russian Investigative Committee has finalized the criminal investigation against former Heads of CJSC "Saratov Aviation Plant" Mr. Igor Sklyar and Mr. Oleg Fomin. They are accused of deliberate bankruptcy of the mentioned above Enterprise, abuse of power and failure to fulfill the duties of a Tax Agent (Article 196, Part 2, Article 201, Part 1, Article 199.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

According to Investigators, in 2009, Mr. Sklyar, CEO of "Saratov Aviation Plant" CJSC, and Mr. Fomin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Enterprise, withdrew the liquid assets of the plant at a lower cost, and also created fake accounts payable, which led to the bankruptcy of the Enterprise and causing material damage in the amount of 895, 8 million rubles. In addition, Mr. Sklyar failed to fulfill his duties as a Tax Agent of CJSC "Saratov Aviation Plant" in transferring personal income tax calculated from the wages of the plant's Employees to the budget in the amount of 41.3 million rubles.

The crimes were revealed in 2016. To detect all the circumstances of crimes, it was necessary to conduct expert examinations, as well as other investigative actions, including those related to the search and analysis of the necessary files.

The investigation collected sufficient evidence of Mr. Sklyar's as well as guilt of Mr. Fomin, so the criminal case was sent to court for trial.