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In Kostroma, a criminal investigation is launched on the negligence by Officials, which led to the death of people as a result of a fire

The Investigating Authorities of the Investigative Directorate of the Russian Federation for Kostroma Oblas launched a criminal investigation on the offense of a crime prescribed in Part 3.f Art. 293 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The criminal investigation is launched based on the results of a procedural inspection on the fact of negligence, which negligently caused the death of two or more persons.

According to the investigation, control (supervisory) measures in the building of the "Polygon" cafe in the Kostroma city, where a fire broke out on November 5, 2022, were not planned and carried out by responsible Officials for a long time. The improper exercise of supervisory powers in regards to fire safety led to a long-term lack of control over compliance with fire safety requirements in the cafe building, and therefore the main task of the Fire Department was not ensured by organizing and implementing fire prevention at the facility.

As a result of fire safety requirements violation, 13 people died, 6 were injured.

In addition, Officers of the Main Directorate of Forensic Science and the Forensic Expert Center of the Russian Investigative Committee arrived to Kostroma to provide practical and methodological assistance. The array of seized video recordings is being studied together with forensic specialists of the regional Investigative Committee of Russia.

A comprehensive investigation into all the circumstances of the incident continues.

06 November 2022 12:40

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