New documentaries about the work of investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee will be shown on the Rossiya 24 TV channel

This weekend, the premiere screenings of documentaries "Marriage Swindlers. From Love to Death" and "Sects. Catchers of Human Souls" will be held, produced by the Patriot National Film Fund LLC with the assistance of the Russian Investigative Committee.

A happy family, a strong marriage is the dream of millions of people. But sometimes a beautiful fairy tale turns out to be a crime story where death is main character. Investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee have to unravel the consequences of such dramas. In their practice - the exposure of marriage swindlers, who did not disdain anything to achieve their goal - to take possession of the property of the other half. But the investigators, for their part, are also clearly achieving their goal - to force the criminal to get a well-deserved punishment. Although, sometimes it is very difficult for them to work, where love is involved.

How marriage scammers pick up their victims, what psychological tricks they use, about how investigators collect evidence against those who profit from gullibility and feelings, you will watch on Saturday on the Russia 24 TV channel at 17.05 (Moscow time).

Another movie dedicated to the work of investigators of the Investigative Committee will tell about sects and banned associations.

Jehovah's Witnesses, Vissarion's "City of the Sun", Satanists and sectarian lashers - this is just a small list of banned associations that investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia have been and continue to be struggled with. And you will see the investigation of a resonant criminal case in Omsk about the activities of Vozrozhdeniye (the Renaissance) XXI sect and many other stories, in the center of which are the tragic fates of people. The investigation of such cases is of great difficulty, mainly due to the unwillingness of the victims to testify against their tormentors. After all, banned pseudo-religious associations use hypnosis, psychological violence and other schemes of influence.

Watch on Sunday on the Russia 24 TV channel at 12.05 (Moscow time) how investigators figure out and achieve the closure of such organizations, who is most susceptible to their destructive influence, why sects are so dangerous and how not to fall into their networks.