The TV channel "Russia 24" will show new documentaries "Fraudulent Real Estate Brokers. Contract with Death” and “Gangs of the 90s. Road to Hell"

This weekend the premiere screenings of documentaries will be shown named "Fraudulent Real Estate Brokers. Contract with Death" and "Gangs of the 90s. The Road to Hell", produced by the "Patriot National Film Fund" LLC with the assistance of the Russian Investigative Committee.

The first movie is dedicated to the work of investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee to solve the crimes of "Fraudulent Real Estate Brokers".

Three bodies were found in the Konstantinovsky quarry in Tver. At first glance it was an accident, and looked like people drowned, but the investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia drew attention to a number of details. Later it became obvious that people were murdered, and this was not a domestic crime, but the result of the criminal activities of a gang of fraudulent real estate brokers. It included dummy brides, victim search agents, and even ... a full-time engaged gravedigger. They cynically gained the trust of citizens, carried out fraudulent schemes with their real estate, and then the victims disappeared without any traces. The same thing happened in other regions of the country.

Investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia step by step detected all the circumstances of the crimes and exposed the network of fraudulent real estate brokers.

How much money the criminals earned on the excessive naivety of citizens, what tricks they used to deceive, where they hid the bodies, and how the investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee managed to unravel the tangle of complex criminal schemes, in the center of which was human life. All this will be shown on November 12 on the TV channel "Russia 24" at 17.00 (Moscow time).

Another movie of the project is dedicated to the investigation of the crimes committed by the most brutal gangs in the post-Soviet space.

The wild 90s are exacerbated in collapse of the USSR, and the economic crisis, as well as a feeling of complete confusion among people. The unstable situation has become fertile ground for the activities of cynical and merciless gangsters. Car bombings, street shootings, contract killings of high-ranking officials and politicians, extortion - the country is literally mired in criminal showdowns. In pursuit of big money and power, the criminals did not spare anyone, often women and children became their victims. But the investigators entered the fight against the underworld. They worked around the clock, endangered themselves and their loved ones, sometimes they died, but the punishment still overtook the perpetrators.

The way the most dangerous gangs operated in the country, why young people got into crime, and who successfully resisted the organized crime, you may watch on November 13 on the Russia 24 TV channel at 17.00 (Moscow time).