The investigative committee of the Russian Federation

The Head of the Department instructs to establish the circumstances of the juvenile's death in Dagestan

According to information posted in the media, an infant died after being treated with alternative medicine in the Republic of Dagestan. It is reported that a child from Khasavyurt raion knocked over himself a kettle with boild water and received burns, so he was hospitalized due to that. After a short time, the boy's parents refused hospital treatment and took their son to healers who used alternative medicine. A few days later, the child's condition worsened and he died.

The Head of the IC instructed Mr. Belyaev D.V., Head of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Republic of Dagestan, to detect all the causes and conditions that led to the death of the child, and take measures to verify the completeness and quality of medical care provided to the child. The execution of the instruction is a subject to control in the Main Directorate of the Department.

16 November 2022 23:37

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