The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia inspects the progress and results of repair and construction work on the Cultural Center and the St. Petersburg Academy buildings of the Department

Within a working trip to St. Petersburg, Mr. Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin, Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, held a regular operational meeting on the construction and reconstruction of the building of the Cultural Center and two buildings of the St. Petersburg Academy of the Russian Investigative Committee.

The meeting was attended by the head of the Cultural Center of the Russian Investigative Committee, Ms. Maria Dmitrievna Krasnopeeva, Acting Rector of the St. Petersburg Academy of the Russian Investigative Committee Mr. Vladimir Vladimirovich Loboda, Officers of a Departmental Educational Organization and representatives of Construction Companies.

Mr. A.I. Bastrykin inspected the mentioned above buildings and listened to reports on the progress of repair work, a report on the steps of restoration of the architectural ensemble, as well as planned activities and deadlines for their implementation.

Representatives of the Сonstruction Сompany reported on the completion of dismantling work and the almost completion of work on the restoration of the foundation and ceilings. Then Mr. A.I. Bastrykin toured the lecture halls of a standard classroom, a teaching office, and a dorm room for students. For all the rooms examined, the Chairman instructed to study the issue of equipping the premises with educational furniture separately, emphasizing that it should be of high quality and durable. The options for finishing the premises were presented to the Chairman for approval. In the dormitory room and the teaching room, the Chairman approved the completed finishing work and gave a number of specific instructions for furnishing them.

Also Mr. A.I. Bastrykin inspected the progress on restoration work of the main staircase and recreational halls of the building facing the embankment of the Moika River. Representatives of the Construction Company reported the discovery of red granite masonry in the steps of the stairs, they are currently being restored.

When examining the premises of the Cultural Center of the Russian Investigative Committee, Mr. A.I. Bastrykin instructed Ms. M.D. Krasnopeeva, Head of the Cultural Center, to work out the issue of arranging an custom area of interest to young people: "It is necessary to design the interior of the room in such a way that there is a part dedicated to history, a museum and a recreation area are presented."

During construction work, an old leaflet dated 1808 was found, resembling a library form, and a letter in an envelope with the inscription: "To the future generation from the 2nd company of the bridge." The letter contains the following entry: "We worked here on March 28, 1975, being on duty, Jr. s-t Tsvetkov Orderly c-t Karmolitsky c-t Egorov c-t Markelov."

Mr. Alexander Ivanovich got acquainted with the presented document and stressed: "This is very important for historical memory, it is necessary to protect all such discovered things and transfer them to the museum without any fail !"

Officers of the Departmental Academy reported on ensuring a safe educational process for students in connection with the construction work. At the end of the meeting, the Head of the Department gave a number of specific instructions aimed at promptly resolving all the tasks set and ensuring the implementation of educational programs in the Departmental Educational Institution in the current Academic Year.