New documentaries “Nazism Under Investigation” and “Deadly Rest. Entertainment Sellers” will be shown on the TV channel “Russia 24”

This weekend we will see the premiere of the documentaries "Nazism Under Investigation" and "Deadly Rest. Entertainment Sellers", produced by the National Film Fund "Patriot" LLC with the assistance of the Russian Investigative Committee.

The first movie is devoted to the investigation of the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists.

Since 2014, the Investigative Committee of Russia has been working on investigation of crimes committed by the Kiev regime against the civilian population. The result is thousands of criminal cases, hundreds of persons prosecuted, including representatives of the highest echelons of the Ukrainian Nazi government.

Since February 2022, Russia has been conducting a Special Military Operation to denazify Ukraine. The answer to this was an even greater aggression of the Kiev Authorities against ordinary citizens. Daily rocket attacks lead to the death of people, including children, the destruction of infrastructure, the destruction of cultural monuments. Officers of the Russian Investigative Committee are actually at the forefront, collecting evidence to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Why did not everyone learn the lessons of the past, what external forces influenced the revival of Nazism and concentration camps, how investigators, risking their lives, documenting such facts - watch all this on November 26 at 11.00, 17.00, 22.00 Moscow time and on November 27 at 15.00 on the TV channel "Russia 24".

Another film is dedicated to the work of investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia in investigating crimes related to the death and injury of people during the holidays.

A long-awaited vacation, anticipation of vivid emotions. Someone aspires to the sun and the sea, someone is attracted by snowboarding against the backdrop of mountain landscapes or extreme hiking. But all people have one desire - to have fun and be safe. This is used by unscrupulous tour guides and entertainment organizers who, in pursuit of profit and savings, do not take into account security issues. But the element does not forgive mistakes. The result of such carelessness is the death of vacationers on the water, during the descent of glaciers, bad weather in the mountains. Investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia have to deal with the circumstances of the tragedies.

How to distinguish an accident from criminal negligence, why it is difficult to bring unscrupulous guides to justice, and how investigators, risking their lives, find evidence in hard-to-reach and life-threatening places - watch all this on November 27 on the Rossiya 24 TV channel at 17.00 Moscow time.

25 November 2022 18:29

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