The Investigative Committee of Russia finalized the criminal investigation on the dissemination of false information about a Special Military Operation

The Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has finalized the criminal investigation against a citizen of the Republic of Colombia, Giraldo Saray Alberto Enrique. He is accused of disseminating deliberately false information about the use of the Russian Federation Armed Forces in a Special Military Operation (paragraphs "b, d", Part 2, Article 207.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

The criminal case was launched on the files provided by the Counterintelligence Service of the FSB of Russia.

The investigation established that between March 5 and April 9, 2022, Mr. Giraldo Saray, having a residence permit in the Russian Federation, provided technical training and subsequent covert placement of mobile devices in one of the shopping centers of Moscow, he acted within an organized group of persons who directed his actions from abroad, for a monetary reward. Using these means of communication, a mass mailing of deliberately false messages about the actions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was forwarded remotely to subscribers of Russian Operators, including the messages related to killings of civilians.

The court imposed a restraint as custody on Mr. Giraldo Saray.

The investigation carefully examined the objects and documents, a computer, a mobile phone and other devices confiscated from the hiding place of the Accused. All necessary digital and technical tests were carried out, the software was installed that allowed his Accomplices to remotely control mobile devices and send text messages supposedly from real users - citizens of the Russian Federation. The correspondence of the Accused with other persons involved in the case has been translated and investigated. They were citizens of one of the South American countries. It was detected that they carried out their activities in the interests of a foreign organization Digital Humanity (USA), associated with the US Agency for International Development. The chain of financing of the criminal group has been revealed, including the use of cryptocurrency scheme. Cash and digital financial assets have been seized by the Investigation. Other Defendants have been put on the Wanted List, and the preliminary investigation against them continues.

Additionally, during the investigation, data were obtained on the use of a similar scheme by the same group of persons for using mobile devices with SIM cards from Russian Telecom Operators in order to compromise the 2020 US Presidential Election and simulate Russian interference in the process of this Election Campaign. These facts were submitted to be evaluated on the presence of crimes elements which infringe on the security of the State.

05 December 2022 15:00

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