The Russian Investigative Committee will give a legal assessment of the Ukrainian nationalists’ actions, who tortured the captured servicemen

The Investigative Committee of Russia documented the testimony of Russian servicemen who were returned from captivity and spoke about the numerous facts of abuse of them by Ukrainian nationalists.

Thus, one of the servicemen reported that he received several wounds in battle, including a bullet that broke his right hand bone. He was captured in such condition. His jaw was broken, several ribs were broken and his lung was pierced during interrogations, which took place with the use of armature and a shovel handle. He was shot through both feet with a pistol. First aid was provided to him after a long time, putting his life in danger.

Another soldier said that he was ambushed by Ukrainian security forces; he regained consciousness in the basement. The interrogation began with a stab in the right leg. Nobody stopped the bleeding. If his answers did not suit the person who asked the questions, then they began to beat the prisoner. First, he was beaten with hands or feet, and then he was beaten with a helmet or even with a rifle butt. After interrogation of the Russian prisoner of war, men in camouflage dropped him to the floor. Three men held him down, and a fourth cut off his finger with a knife. Later, the prisoner was also subjected to electric shock torture.

Representatives of the Ukrainian armed formations forced the Russian prisoner of war to sign a "voluntary" agreement to cooperate with the Ukrainian special services under the threat of murder and reprisals against close relatives. They recorded the procedure on a cell phone camera.

The testimonies of Russian servicemen indicate that representatives of Ukraine are breaching the requirements of the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war in the grossest way, meanwhile the Convention bans ill-treatment, and torture.

The Investigative Committee of Russia, together with the Operational Services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service of Russia, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, continues to identify Ukrainian nationalists involved in the torture and murder of civilians, as well as Russian Military Personnel who were captured. Investigators collect and document evidence of the cruel crimes of nationalists so that none of them escapes criminal prosecution.

07 December 2022 12:15

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