The Congratulations of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia on the Heroes of the Fatherland Day

Russia has always been famous for its Heroes within our rich history. During the Patriotic War of 1812, the First World War and the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, the great Generals and Soldiers fought for the freedom and independence of Russia, giving their lives for the future of our country. We owe our existence to them, and it is our duty to never forget this.

Their exploits, courage and valor are an example of selfless service to the Motherland; and this is a reminder to each of us about the price at which we won victories in external attempts to destroy Russian culture, our values and history.

Heroes of the Fatherland Day is not only a day of memory of heroic ancestors, but also a day when we honor the living Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, holders of the Order of St. George and the Order of Glory, whose deeds deserve the highest awards and set high moral guidelines. We pay tribute to those people who perform feats in the military, civilian and professional spheres, shaping our past, present and future.

Officers of the Investigative Committee who died in the line of duty are rightfully Heroes of the Fatherland too. Their loyalty to the oath and intransigence in the fight against crime will remain for us as an example of devotion to the Motherland forever. Among our comrades there is a Graduate of the Cadet Corps of the Investigative Committee of Russia, as well as a former Officer of the Main Directorate; they died defending the Donbas from Ukrainian nationalists. Today we also remember the young heroes who showed their courage and bravery, but giving their lives to save other people. Their deeds will not be forgotten and will remain an example of fearlessness and valor for the younger generation.

We bow down and express the words of gratitude before those, who uncompromisingly fight Nazism on the front line and in the rear within the Special Military Operation.

Dear Heroes of the Fatherland! I wish each of you health, happiness, confidence in the future, good and prosperity to your loved ones!


The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

General of Justice of the Russian Federation                              A.I. Bastrykin