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The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia instructed to report on the verification of a traffic accident occurred in Novosibirsk Oblast, as a result of which juveniles were injured

According to media reports, the Investigating Authorities of the Russian Investigative Committee for Novosibirsk Oblast organized a pre-investigative inspection on the traffic accident, where luveniles were injured. It was preliminary detected that on December 22, 2022, a traffic accident occurred on a section of the road in Iskitimsky raion involving a regular bus, in which there were 36 passengers, most of whom were children aged 10-11 years, and a truck. As a result of the incident, several children received injuries of varying severity and were taken to a medical facility of the regonal center.

The Chairman of the IC of Russia instructed Mr. Zaripov V.B., Acting Head of the Regional Investigative Directorate, to report on the interim results of the pre-investigative inspection and the detected circumstances of the accident. The investigative inspection and its results are the subject to control in the Main Directorate of the Department.

22 December 2022 10:25

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