A verdict is adjudicated to Mr. Timur Bekmansurov in Perm

The evidence collected by the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation was recognized by the court as sufficient for sentencing Mr. Timur Bekmansurov. He was found guilty of committing crimes under paragraphs "a", "f", "i", Part 2, Article 105, Part 3, Article 30, paragraphs "a", "f", "i" Part 2, Article 105, Article 317, Part 2 Article 167 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder and attempted murder of two or more persons, committed in a generally dangerous way, out of hooligan motives; infringement on life of a Law Enforcement Officer; wilful damage to somebody's property, committed on hooligan motives, by a generally dangerous way).

The Investigation and the Court established that on September 20, 2021, Mr. Bekmansurov came to the territory of the university in Perm, armed with a smoothbore gun, and opened fire in the direction of people and cars. A panic arose on the territory of the educational institution as a result of the criminal actions, committed by te Accused, during which 18 people, trying to escape, left the scene of the crime in a hurry, including jumping out of the windows of educational buildings. As a result, 6 people died, more than 20 were injured, 37 people received various bodily injuries.

Also, Mr. Bekmansurov refused to obey the lawful demands of the Police Officer to drop his weapon and fired a shotgun in his direction. The Police Officer neutralized the Attacker and detained him using a service firearm.

During the pre-investigation of the criminal case, a significant amount of investigative and other procedural actions was carried out. More than 1130 witnesses have been interrogated, more than 185 inspections of crime scene and objects have been carried out, more than 230 forensic examinations have been finalized.

By a verdict, Mr. Bekmansurov was sentenced to life imprisonment.