Alexander Bastrykin meets with the General Military Prosecutor of the Republic of Poland

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office has met with Kshistof Parulski, the Deputy General Prosecutor, the General Military Prosecutor of Poland.

Alexander Bastrykin reported the recent results of the investigation to Kshistofu Parulskomu. At this point 76 bodies of those killed in a plane crash are identified. The most of bodies identified have already been sent to Poland. Genetic examinations are being conducted to identify another 20 bodies of the crash victims.

At the meeting discussed the procedure for transferring the Polish side of the criminal case, evidentiary items, clothing, valuables, documents and other items seized from the blast site.

Alexander Bastrykin assured his Polish counterpart that the Russian investigators will do their best and use all their experience for the most rapid, complete and objective criminal investigation of the Polish President plane crash.

For his part Kshistof Parulski thanked the Chairman of the Investigative Committee for the assistance and expressed hope that cooperation between the two agencies to investigate the crash will continue.