Soldiers who took bank cards from the Polish President plane crash site, are charged

Command of the Military Unit, which serves the military airfield near Smolensk, reported to the police - the FSB Office and Investigative Office of Smolensk garrison of Military Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee with the information that foreign bank cards were found on the conscripts.

The inspection has found that the soldiers Sergei Syrov, Igor Pustovar, Arthur Pankratov and Yuri Sankov were using these cards. The total sum of stolen money amounted to 60 thousand 345 rubles. Given that these bank cards did not belong to these people and that on April 10, 2010 they were in the cordon of the Polish President’s plane crash site, a criminal case was started against Syrov, Pustovar, Pankratov and Sankov under the paragraph “a”, part 2, article 158 of the Criminal Code (theft involving a group of persons by prior agreement). Later, a representative of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Republic of Poland asked the Russian law enforcement bodies to check whether the bank cards of a passenger of the plane crashed near Smolensk were being used in the Russian Federation,.

By that, Federal Security Service of the Smolensk region and the Investigative Committee not only possessed the above mentioned information, but also were conducting active investigative and operational actions, which resulted in bringing suspects to justice.

Today, the four soldiers have been charged with stealing another’s property by a group of persons by prior agreement. All four defendants pleaded guilty and cooperate actively with the investigation. They are supervised by the military unit command.

It should be noted that three of them had previous convictions: Syrov for robbery (art.161 of the RF Criminal Code), Pankratov for the making, storage, transportation or distribution of counterfeit money or securities (art.186 of the Criminal Code), Sankov for theft (art.158 of the Criminal Code).