On the course of a criminal investigation into the terrorist attack at the airport "Domodedovo"

The General Investigative Office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation continues the criminal investigation into the 24 January 2011 terrorist act at the airport “Domodedovo”.

Within the criminal case the investigators of the Investigative Committee of Russia ordered to arraign as the accused, active members of gangs, including Doku Umarov and Aslan Byutukaev for signs of crimes under part 1, article 209 and part 1, article 210 of the Criminal Code (creation of a stable armed group and a criminal community), and Adam Ganizhev, Islam Yevloyev, Aslan Tsechoev – for crimes under part 2, article 209 and part 2, article 210 of the Criminal Code (participation in stable armed group and criminal community).

During the operation, currently carried out on the territory of the Republic of Ingushetia, the citizens of the republic, brothers Islam and Ilez Yandiyev were detained. According to the investigators, they met a suicide bomber Magomed Yevloyev in Moscow and on 24 January took him at the “Domodedovo” airport. After the terrorist act the Yandiyevs disappeared in the Republic of Ingushetia.

During searches at the residences of the Yandiyevs the investigators found a suicide-bomber belt, and two homemade explosive devices. The Yandiyevs’ detention and explosive devices found suggest that they were preparing a terrorist attack. The timely detention of Yandiyev brothers allowed stopping their next criminal intention.

In the near future, the investigators are planning to charge the Yandiyevs with crimes under five articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, including the terrorist attack and banditry. The investigator has directed a petition to the Leninsky District Court in Vladikavkaz, to take the accused in custody.

Currently, on the operation site, the investigators together with the field officers of the FSB and Russian MOI continue investigatory actions aimed to collect and consolidate evidence. Criminal investigation continues.