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A working meeting of Alexander Bastrykin and Interpol Secretary General

LYON, France - In a landmark move for international law enforcement co-operation between Russia and INTERPOL against terrorism, the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, today met with the head of INTERPOL to deliver key investigative findings for follow-up by INTERPOL in the on-going investigation into the Domodedovo airport terror bombing which left 35 people dead and more than 100 injured. Mr Bastrykin, who is leading the probe into the 24 January attack, travelled to the INTERPOL General Secretariat headquarters in Lyon, France to personally brief Secretary General Ronald K. Noble on the inquiry and to request that the Secretary General share Russia's investigative information with INTERPOL's member countries in order to obtain more information on the foreign citizens killed and wounded in the attack. As Chairman of the Investigative Committee, which recently became an independent agency reporting directly to the Russian President and is responsible for inquiries into serious crimes including terrorism and organized crime, Mr Bastrykin also discussed other areas where Russia works closely with INTERPOL to tackle transnational criminality. "We continue to investigate all avenues of inquiry connected with the attack at Domodedovo airport. Once it was established that the bombing was directed at Russian and foreign citizens, it was clear that INTERPOL should be involved," said Mr Bastrykin. "The combination of our national experience and INTERPOL's global expertise and network has always proved to be a successful one and we will continue to work closely with INTERPOL on this and other international criminal inquiries," added Mr Bastrykin. The decision of the Investigative Committee to share their findings to date into the Domodedovo bombing with INTERPOL was welcomed by the world police body's chief as a model of law enforcement collaboration. "This attack, which chiefly targeted foreign travellers, again emphasises that crime and terrorism has no borders and require a global response," said INTERPOL Secretary General Noble. "As head of the Investigative Committee, Mr Bastrykin's decision to share its findings with INTERPOL and to work closely with us to establish possible international links behind the attack demonstrates Russia's willingness to work with the international law enforcement community via INTERPOL to bring those responsible to justice." Immediately after the terror attack in Moscow, INTERPOL's Command and Co-ordination Centre at its General Secretariat headquarters closely liaised with its National Central Bureau in Moscow to provide any assistance required, with the world police body pledging its full investigative support and global resources to Russian authorities.

08 April 2011 14:10

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